Mountain View Seeds
Wildflower Seed Mixtures

Mountain View Seeds All-in-One Wildflower Kits Are Available in Eight Bright And Beautiful Varieties. Our 6 Classic Blends Contain Over 100,000 Seeds And Can Cover Up to 700 Square Feet. Mountain View Seeds Regional Mixes Contain 75,000 Seeds and Cover Up To 1000 Square Feet. These Non-GMO Seed Varieties Are Easy To Maintain And Guaranteed To Grow!

Why Plant a Wildflower Garden

Wildflower gardens are low-maintenance and provide a variety of color flowers in your landscape, as well as cut flowers for your house or patio.

When and Where to Start Your Wildflower Garden

Select an area that is similar to where these plants would grow in the wild. Be sure to plant in an area that receives at least a half a day of full sun, six hours or more (unless you’re using our Shady mix).

Choose Your Wildflower Mix

There are many wildflower mixes to choose from so you can grow the type of wildflower garden that works best for you. Choose from mixes such as perennial mix, pollinator mix, butterfly and hummingbird mix, shady mix and even more.

Planting and Maintaining Your Wildflowers

Lightly scuff the soil surface immediately before sowing with a rake or a hoe. Sprinkle the seed mix evenly in 1 direction. Then plant them in the other direction to ensure that you have adequate coverage in your space. Press the seeds into the soil with a garden roller or by walking on them. Water your freshly tilled garden to allow seeds to germinate.

Keep the soil moist for a couple of weeks to allow the seeds of all varieties to germinate. Once the seed has good roots, most of the wildflowers are drought tolerant. Seedlings emerge in 2-3 weeks and the first annual blooms start in 6-10 weeks.

Enjoy the Beauty!!
Walk out your door and enjoy seeing your beautiful garden that you can feel great about helping our pollinators the way nature intended!