Our Mountain View Seeds Top Choice® product line is tailored for home lawn, pastures, or wildlife food plots. Mountain View Seeds Top Choice® = Top Shelf product for everything the weekend warrior needs.

If you want a highly rated seed - you get just that! Mountain View Seeds Top Choice® gives you the same access (through independent retailers) that a professional landscaper would get through contractor stores. Our easy directions produce an attractive lawn, healthy forage, or ample wildlife.

Mountain View Seeds Top Choice® is always dependable, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Sun & Shade

- Perfect For Sunny or Shady Areas.
- Premium All Purpose Mix.


- Great for High Traffic Areas.
- Works Great for Sunny or Shady Areas.


- Premium Mix of Shade Tolerant Grass.
- Fine Bladed, Soft Texture.

Blue Blend

- Provides a Deep Green, Thick Turf.
- Works Best in Sunny or Partially Sunny Areas.

Landscaper Mix

- All Purpose Mix.
- Works Well for Sunny or Shady Areas.

Perennial Rye

- Fast Germinating and Traffic Tolerant.
- Works Well for Sunny or Shady Areas.

Fescue Blend

- Versatile Mix of Deep Green, Drought Tolerant Grasses.
- Works Well for Sunny or Partially Shady Areas.

Rapid Lawn

- Aggressive Germination for a Temporary Lawn.
- Mix of Annual and Perennial Species.

Bare Spot

- Fast germinating seed to repair bare spots.
- Works Well for Sunny or Shady Areas.


- For Southern Lawns Only.
- Works Well for Sunny or Shady Areas.


Our maximum performance forage seed is suitable for all livestock. It performs well as cut-and-bale crop or grazing and pasture. Cover Crops are the backbone of the agriculture industry, sustaining soil composition and preserving quality farmland. Mountain View Seeds max performance cover crop seed mixes provide ideal solutions.

Cattle Pasture

- Excellent Persistence.
- Superior Yields.

Horse Pasture

- Handles Close Grazing.
- Suitable for Hay or Grazing.

Pasture Overseeder

- Superior Yields.
- Maximum Performance Forage Seed.


Mountain View Seeds offer a full assortment of agricultural seed, from grains and forage crops to cover crops, with options suitable for the commercial farm or home garden. There's an excitement that comes with planning and planting your land in hopes of attracting and retaining quality game. It’s important to choose the right food plots grown from the highest quality seed. That's where Mountain View Seeds come in.


- Super Sweet Deer Attractant.
- Year Round Forage Plot.


- High Nutrients for Improved Deer Body Growth.
- Perfect for Fall Planting.

Bucks and Birds

- Low MaintenanceYear.
- Round Forage Plot.