“Growing the best, most sustainable seed isn’t just great for the home owner, it’s also great for our farm because we know we aren’t just producing grass seed…we are helping to change the world one field at a time.”

- Harvey Kuenzi, Owner - Lone Oak Farm, Silverton, OR

Our Story.

In 1946, Pratum, Oregon farmers founded a Co-Op to grow prime Willamette Valley grass seed. 75 years later, Pratum Co-Op’s grain elevator is a landmark, and Mountain View Seeds varieties reap the benefits of that outstanding farmer network.​ Mountain View Seeds was created in 1998 to manage mounting seed demand for Pratum’s private variety production. At Mountain View Seeds we are proud to be owned by those same farmers. Being farmer owned ensures that the high quality and performance standards we demand are never compromised. Being connected to our grower base allows us to effectively communicate our needs and requirements. So whether you are the Rose Bowl or a home owner the same care and attention is placed on every pound of seed we produce and sell.

The Best Use the Best.

Our Professional side of the business sells to some of the best sports fields, golf courses and federal and state parks in the country. Mountain View Seeds are dedicated to sharing sustainable solutions across a broad spectrum within our beautiful community.

Our mission.

Our goal is to breed and produce a grass that will exceed the highest of expectations, without the need for excess and harsh inputs. To produce better, with less is our mission, to cultivate an understanding for our friends and families so that together Mountain View Seeds can ensure a cleaner, brighter and healthier future.

"We believe in better. Mountain View Seeds, growing a better seed. Growing a greener future"