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Homeowners deserve the seed of champions. Professional-grade seed used in sporting venues around the world.

Professionally calibrated grass seed blends.

Does your lawn turn brown in the summer? 

Brown spots during the summer can stem from a number of different culprits and are very common. Is it a disease? Is it bluegrass or perennial ryegrass going dormant? Or is it something else? Usually it’s a mix not being formulated for the region or inferior genetics.
Be sure to choose a product developed for your specific climatic region and look for newer and improved varieties.

Mountain View Seeds Grass Seed gives you thicker, greener grass with less inputs and less water.

Endorsed & proven performance.

“As the former head groundskeeper at one of the countries most recognized football stadiums I couldn’t have good grass, I had to have the best! I relied on Mountain View Seeds and their 365ss Kentucky bluegrass blend to look and play great for the 2020 Rose Bowl game. With the success at the Rose Bowl you can now see 365ss around the country on a number of collegiate, NFL and MLB fields.”

Will Schnell
Former Head Groundskeeper, The Rose Bowl (Retired)

"Retail lawn seed products available to consumers today are filled with varieties and species that are not appropriate and mostly used as filler and to achieve a certain price point. Consumers deserve lawn seed products that are not only regionally appropriate but contain new varieties that offer fast establishment, better turf quality and reduce overall inputs to maintain a good lawn.”

Dr. William A. Meyer
Plant Biology, Rutgers

“I recommend incorporating improved turf-type cultivars, which demonstrate an improved tolerance to pests, environmental stress, and reduced fertility into
seed blends and mixtures intended for homeowner and property management professionals. Doing so, not only contributes to the health of our environment,
but also makes good business sense. Everyone benefits: the environment, the customer and the supplier”.

Victoria Wallace
Extension Educator, Sustainable Turf & Landscape Program, UCONN

"We believe in better. Mountain View Seeds, growing a better seed. Growing a greener future"