We believe in better.

Mountain View Seeds research facility, Peak Plant Genetics, continually brings the highest quality turf to the industry. Varieties that require less water, fertilizer and provide a thicker, greener turf that is easier for the homeowner to sustain.

Peak Plant Genetics varieties consistently rank at the top of the NTEP (National Turf Evaluation Program)! In the latest Turf-Type Tall Fescue study, six of the top 10 varieties were varieties from Peak Plant Genetics.

Planting and selecting from space plant nurseries is an integral part in the breeding process. Here different lines are planted and then selected for certain traits including drought tolerance, seed yield and overall plant health.

Once a variety is selected for commercial production it is named and oftentimes compared to other varieties in that species. Here Screamer LS is compared to other high-quality tall fescues.