Drought Defy Lawn Repair Kit

A blend of deep-rooting tall fescues, Drought Defy offers a beautiful lawn with less water and fertilizer needs than perennial ryegrass. MVS Professional Grade Lawn Repair Kit powered by Root Boost Soil Building Technology. This technology holds water close to the seed and helps improve soil biology. Crafted with molasses, kelp and other soil boosting ingredients, our unique mulch pellets support local farmers and sustainable practices.
* Soil-Building Technology
* Succeed in any climate & soil condition
* Get off to a fast start, water less often & improve soil biology

Achieve rapid growth, reduce watering frequency, and thrive in diverse climates and soil types with the MVS Professional Grade Lawn Repair Kit, featuring Root Boost Soil Building Technology. This innovative approach retains moisture near the seeds, fostering enhanced soil biology. Infused with beneficial components such as molasses and kelp, our distinctive mulch pellets not only bolster soil health but also promote sustainable farming practices, supporting local agriculture.