Drought Defy Mix

Looking for the thickest, greenest lawn with minimal maintenance? Tired of your lawn burning out in the summer? Mountain View Seeds has you covered.  With our professional grade grass seed, you’ll get a healthier, more durable lawn that can withstand heat and drought, all while requiring less less fertilizer, less water, and less pesticides

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Why Your Lawn Needs This —

Mountain View Seeds Drought Defy mix has been developed to help maximize your lawns performance while minimizing the need for excessive inputs. It is A-LIST approved, which means it has been tested by universities and the NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) to combine high quality turf and low-input performance, to give you added benefits such as reduced watering while needing less chemical and fertilizer inputs. This means a healthy, dark green lawn without the time, effort and costs of your everyday seed. We use top-rated Turf-type Tall Fescue to help prevent a common and frustrating occurrence, summer burnout.

Summer burnout typically results from too much Perennial Ryegrass in seed blends. For superior establishment the seed in this bag is coated with our Watergard Nutrition Package, which helps provide the seed with the nutrients it needs to get off to a healthy start while also helping to prevent the seed from drying out and failing to establish. Watergard NP provides the seed 2X the water retention to help create a safety net in case you miss a day of watering. At Mountain View Seeds.... We believe in Better!


Will the blue coating (WaterGard NP) hurt my pet?

The polymer coating that is used for this product has a variety of ingredients. Many of these ingredients are being used within the food industry for different purposes. When the seed is utilized for it intended purpose the ingredients are environmentally safe, biodegradable and nontoxic for humans or pets.

There's a bunch of dates listed on the back of my bag. How do I know if the seed is still good?

All grass seed has an expiration date. Grass Seed companies test each "lot" of seed and maintain those test results for 3-4 years. Feel free to call MVS at 503-588-7333 with your lot number to understand the viability of the seed.

Drought Defy Mix

A-LIST grasses are scientifically tested at tier one research institutions to ensure a higher quality turfgrass lawn with lower inputs. Research trials look at reducing all inputs to ensure an A-LIST grass variety will perform at its bests when conditions are the worst. With many areas of the country facing restrictions ranging from water to reduced chemical and nutrient applications, the need for improved varieties to withstand more extreme conditions is crucial. The advances in turfgrass breeding varieties have produced turfgrasses varieties that can maintain a darker lawn longer at the same time being more sustainable.  

Kyley Dickson, Ph.D.
Executive Director, A-LIST
Former Head Groundskeeper
Researcher and Associate Director - Center for Athletic Field Safety, The University of Tennessee