Would you like to have a lawn that looks similar to your favorite baseball, football or soccer team’s field? The varieties used in our Stadium Mix are the same as what is used on some of the countries most iconic professional and collegiate sports fields.

Now you can have the same high-quality seed that’s used on some of the country’s elite professional and collegiate sports fields. This mix contains some of the best performing Kentucky Bluegrass cultivars on the market. We also added a pinch of Perennial Ryegrass to help as a nurse plant due to the slower germination of Kentucky Bluegrass. It is A-LIST approved, which means it has been tested by universities and the NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) to combine high quality turf and low-input performance, to give you added benefits such as reduced watering while needing less chemical and fertilizer inputs.

This means a healthy, dark green lawn without the time, effort and costs of your everyday seed. For superior establishment the seed in this bag is coated with our Watergard Nutrition Package, which helps provide the seed with the nutrients it needs to get off to a healthy start while also helping to prevent the seed from drying out and failing to establish. Watergard NP provides the seed 2X the water retention to help create a safety net in case you miss a day of watering. At Mountain View Seeds... We believe in Better!

I worked alongside with the greatest professional research seed team at Mountain View Seeds and we hand selected the highest  quality Kentucky bluegrass culitivars on the market today. This attention to detail and the mind set of nothing but the best seed, insured the Rose bowl field had the best performing playing surface in the country. The grass we selected had to be able to withstand the wear and tear of an entire football season plus all the extra events booked on field. Also had to look and present better than any other fields across the country.This mix of grass seed is now used on some of the highest profile sports fields around the country and world. The MVS Stadium mix uses the same world -class research team and standards for their selection of Kentucky Bluegrass and they added in some high quality quick germination rye grass to give the home owner a quick jump that will give your lawn  a head start  going into spring and  over your neighbors lawn  that will make your lawn be talk of your community.

Will Schnell
Former Head Groundskeeper, The Rose Bowl (Retired)