Choose Your Seeds.

Want the thickest, greenest turf with less work?  Tired of your lawn burning out in the summer? At Mountain View Seeds, we are dedicated to providing homeowners with high-quality grass seed mixes that are durable and both beautiful and sustainable. Our A-List approved Northeast, Midwest, Ohio State, and Pennsylvania State mixes have been carefully crafted using university NTEP data and are specifically designed to thrive in their respective regions. These mixes require less fertilizer, less water, and less pesticides, making them not only easy to maintain but also better for the environment.

In addition to their practical benefits, our A-List approved turf grasses are also part of our mission to preserve the natural environment. We believe that a beautiful lawn can coexist with a healthy ecosystem, and our grass seed mixes are a reflection of that commitment. Whether you live in the Northeast, Midwest, Ohio, or Pennsylvania, Mountain View Seeds has a grass seed mix that is perfect for your home. Choose one of our A-List approved blends and experience the beauty and sustainability of Mountain View Seeds.